Intelligent Voice

TNZ Voice introduces intelligent way to contact, beyond the basic telephone.


Voice Automation

TNZ Voice introduces intelligent way to contact, beyond the basic telephone.

Use automated telephone calls to increase urgency, integrate text-to-speech to programmatically contact customers, or use naturally recorded human voices (wav/mp3) for the personal touch.

TNZ Voice also offers inbound voice technology such as dedicated voicemail numbers (voicemail-to-email) and call routing / diversions (line hunting).

Voice Sending

We offer a fully featured bulk Voice gateway, directly connected to New Zealand carriers.
Submit messages via SOAP or HTTP.

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The simplest and most popular way to send voice calls to your clients - you send an email, we send a voice call.

Any responses back will automatically forwarded to your email inbox!

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The best way to send broadcast messages to phones is using our online dashboard.

Log into the dashboard, upload or select a group of phone numbers, type out the text-to-speech messages OR upload your own voicemail files to send, set the sending date/time, and click Submit! It's that easy.

Voice calls will reach the phones in minutes. Delivery status and any replies received are logged in the dashboard for tracking in real time.

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Calling all developers - integrate Voice into your software and systems!

We offer a range of APIs including a fully featured REST API, simple HTTP/S Post and SOAP integration, and a fully featured .NET Library.

Once the message is sent, you can track results and replies using our webhooks or polling our servers.

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Voice Receiving

A simple way to redirect / forward your telephone number to another number.

No telephone line or telephone equipment is required.

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Set up a dedicated voicemail number. Received voicemail messages are delivered to you as a WAV or MP3 recording attached to an email.

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Voice Use Cases

Automate and simplify your rosters using Voice calls. Your staff receive a voice call on their mobile containing the roster. Staff can optionally hit the keypad back a confirmation.

Integrate rostering using Email, Web or an API.

Increase security on your login system using MFA by sending a one time token to your users via Voice call.

In critical times, your concentration should be on the people affected. Too often, effort is wasted on a technical solution that is too complex, doesn't work or is too slow.

Using TNZ's Emergency Management solutions, you can quickly and efficiently alert mobile users to emergencies, using TNZ's totally cloud-hosted infrastructure.