Email to Voice messaging

Simple emails creating beautiful voice calls


Email to Voice - Voicemail / TTS Sending

Automated telephone calls. Sounds complex and expensive? It isn't!

Email is a simple way to send messages, whether sending manually or integrating into a software solution. We can convert these simple emails into voice calls, delivered to both landlines and mobile phones.

Simply attach your recorded voicemail wave files OR use our TTS (Text-To-Speech) technologies to send voicemail calls.

Method1: Attach your own voice message

You can record your own voicemail messages to make calls, TNZ VoiceCast System supports both Wave or MP3 formats. Simply record your own message & attach to the email, send it to [number] and our system will taken care of your calls.

Method2: Include your text in email body (Text-To-Speech)

Is the recorded message option is little bit too hard for you?

We also support Text-To-Speech option for a simple voicemail sendings. Add your wording in the email body, you can use speech markup tags (SSML) to make it sounds more natural.

Once your script is finalised, then send email to [number] - Our system will receive your job, generate voice message based on your script, finally make the calls to specified destinations.

Get Started!

Sign Up for your account. Once your account has been activated, you can begin using the service immediately following the simple steps below.

The VoiceCast service can handle 700 simultaneous calls. If you're looking to send a high volume of calls, utilizing the web dashboard will simplify loading of calls. See VoiceCast for more details.

- Calls are charged per minute, per target.
- Calls answered by an answering machine are charged for.
- Calls that fail due to a bad number or another communication error are not typically charged for.

Once the calling has completed, you will receive a report containing individual information on each call.
Information includes the number of seconds the call was active, which keypad buttons were pressed, whether the call reached a human or an answerphone, etc.

We can automatically generate voicemails from your text phrases. When you submit voicemails jobs with text phrases to send, our system will convert these words into voice message and call to specified destinations.

We have a range of Text to Speech voices available. These include both Male and Female voices with different accents.

Voices are selected in four ways:

  • As an account default, set up by your account representative
  • Manually selected from the TTS Engine dropdown if sending via the web dashboard
  • Dynamically set within your SFV file if sending advanced VoiceCast calls
  • By recording your own audio into a WAV or MP3 file

You are currently unable to supply a text to speech voice, however you are welcome to record your own audio as a WAV or MP3 file and submit this instead of text-to-speech.

To do so, simply attach your WAV or MP3 file to the email and this will be used instead of the email body.

Three easy steps to send Email-to-Voice Messages

Step One:   Open your Email Client
Supported email clients include Outlook, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Gmail, Xtra, Apple Mail, iOS, Android, Blackberry and more

Step Two:   Email's "To" contains the telephone number

Step Three:   Type the message into the body of the email, then click Send!

Tracking:   You'll receive a report advising the call's result once completed

Answerphone Detection

Voicemail detection is built into VoiceCast. You will receive full reports on which calls were really answered and which went to answering machines. You can even play a completely separate message to suit your later-listening audience, or we can end the call without even leaving a message.

Cloud Hosted

The solution is fully hosted. This means there is no special equipment or computer software required. All configuration can be done using a Web Browser or Email Client. We also provide a complimentary Voice Recording service, so you can dial our dedicated telephone line and record your Voice Messages for sending.


Pay Monthly

/per minute

  • No Set Up Fee
  • $20 per Month
  • 10c/minute to AU Landlines
  • 20c/minute to AU Mobiles
  • POA for International Calls
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  • Volume Discounts
  • Account Manager
  • Service Customisation
  • Whitelabelling
  • Workflow Automation
  • Departmentalised Billing
  • * Pricing is in NZD excl GST

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