Mobiles show reminders as SMS messages and are able to reply back

Appointment & Event Reminders via SMS

Ping mobiles in a low-touch, highly effective way

  • Reach the mobile within 30 seconds
  • Opened within 3 minutes1
  • Appears as a normal SMS
  • Receive replies back to confirm receipt


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Work faster sending texts than making phone calls

Work faster, work smarter

Stop calling mobiles manually; send text messages efficiently through TNZ SMS.

Automated text reminders from your existing system.

A lightning fast communication method

Send Text Reminders via Email

Your email is converted into a text message, easy as that!

The mobile sees a normal text message, optionally showing your business name as the sender.

Any received replies come back via email.

See Email to Text for more details.

A lightning fast communication method
Work faster sending texts than making phone calls

Connect your system via API

Integrate SMS into your existing software platforms.

Your applications can deliver SMS data to us via HTTP/S POST, SOAP and JSON/XML Rest APIs.

The platform allows for flexible reporting - capture delivery reports and replies via email or via a webhook.

See SMS APIs for more details.

Text messages are preferred over phone calls

An unintrusive reminder

Phone calls are interruptive and emails are often missed

Quietly nudge mobiles using a simple text reminder

Text messages are preferred over phone calls
A lightning fast communication method

Send your confirmation web page

Insert your confirmation page with text reminders.

Customers can click the link on their smart phones to confirm their appointments.

Track confirmations and responses

Track confirmations & responses

Set your dedicated mobile number as the sender

Mobiles will be able to reply to your reminder, confirming or asking a question

Options available for automatically tracking responses

Track confirmations and responses
Add-On tools and extra functions

Message Personalisation

Send bulk reminders at once with personalisation (adding a person's names, appointment times and other personal details) and emojis

Dedicated contact mobile number

Your own dedicated contact number

Optionally set up your own contact mobile number

Your reminders will show this number as the sending Caller ID

Recipients can reply back, or get in touch with you at any time using their mobile

See AU Mobile Numbers for more details.

Dedicated contact mobile number
Schedule messages for sending at a later time

Schedule Reminders

Pre-load reminders for sending at a later date and time

Specify the exact date and time the message should be received

Resend reminders automatically

Automate Repeating Reminders

Load reminders to automatically resend

Options for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annually

Send reminders to individual mobile numbers, Address Book contacts and entire groups

Dedicated contact mobile number

Sending Reminders via SMS

Send a reminder to one mobile
Uses the Email to SMS method
Enter the mobile number into the To, followed by
The text message goes in the email body

Send a reminder to a group of mobiles
Uses the SMS Web Dashboard method
Load your text message using the online dashboard
Upload your list of mobile numbers
Set the send time

Automate Reminders from your Calendar
Configure reminder settings for Email and SMS
Sync other calendars with the TNZ Calendar
The Calendar will automatically send event reminders


$0.10/SMS Part1

  • $20 per month
  • Customized Sender2
  • Reply (Two-Way) support
  • Personalisation & Emojis
  • MMS support3
  • Volume Discounts
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