Landline to Mobile

Divert a landline number to your mobile
A Call Redirection / Call Forwarding Service


Cloud Hosted
Online Configuration
Voicemail Support

Simple Call Forwarding / Call Redirection

Redirect / forward your telephone number to another number.
No telephone line or telephone equipment is required.

If we cannot reach your mobile, we can take voicemails (optional) and email them to you. Stop missing sales calls and potential customers!

Method 1: Keep your existing number

Our Landline-to-Mobile service is a cloud based call forwarding / call diversion service. We port your existing telephone number from your current provider to our platform.

Method 2: Get a new number

We can set you up with a brand new number in your chosen area code (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, etc).

The set up process is quick; typically within one business day.

Add-On Features

  • Voicemail: Should the call be unanswered, the voicemail message will be emailed to you.

  • Follow Me: Widely known as call steppers, we can try mobile 1, and if unanswered try mobile 2, mobile 3, and so on.

  • Call Blast: Blast incoming calls to a group of mobiles at once. The first person to answer gets the call.

  • Call Announcement: Our platform will play a customized greeting message to you before connecting the incoming call so that you can answer the call appropriately (e.g. "Incoming call from Company A's phone number").

We default to one call at a time. This can be increased if required. Callers over the limit can optionally hear busy tone or be directed to voicemail.

See the Changing My Voicemail Greeting help article.

Australian landline numbers are available standard. International voicemail numbers are available on request (pricing varies).

Currently, we do not record your voice files or voicemail greetings. Set up your own and make it personal!
See the Changing My Voicemail Greeting help article.

Yes you can. We can switch off TNZ Voicemail and use your existing mobile operator's voicemail facility.

Yes you can. Login to our web portal and change routing number accordingly. You can change them anytime, anywhere.

Yes we can. We can divert calls to anywhere including landline/mobile numbers (pricing varies).

Self Service

Use the online dashboard to change your diversion numbers

Dedicated Numbers

Your numbers are dedicated to you. Numbers are not shared amongst other customers

Cloud Hosted

Cloud provided service; no on-premise equipment required!

Custom Greetings

Customize call greetings to suit you

Call Tracking

Voicemail notifications will report the Caller ID and date/time

Keypad Options

Support for keypad options with call connections


Initial Set Up Costs $90.00   - if porting the number from another provider
Monthly Service Costs $15.00   - per AU Landline number
Call Costs 10c per minute
20c per Voicemail
Service Terms - Month-by-month term, cancellation at any time
- Pricing is in Australian Dollars and excludes GST
- Volume discounts available
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