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A simple SMS solution - send Bulk SMS Messages via the email, web or API. The choice is yours.

Great for business to business SMS, SMS Marketing, SMS Reminders, Group SMS and Integrating SMS into software applications.

TNZ Group developed easy-to-use web portal to support any people can login and send Text messages from computer.


Why use SMS?

SMS messages are sent straight to a mobile phone. They are received on-the-go, allowing the recipient to respond quicker than email and with less distraction than a telephone call.

With high attention rates and personally owned mobile phones, you can reach the audience you intended!



Flexible Functionality

SMS Messages can be sent using a variety of methods.

  • Email to SMS is a simple and effective way to send SMS messages. Its as easy as sending an email - we convert the email into a SMS message and deliver it to the mobile phone.
    Recipients can reply to the message, which will be delivered straight into your email inbox!

  • Web Dashboard allows for single messages or bulk SMS campaigns and broadcasts to be sent via our Web Portal. Our stable delivery platform can deliver your messages at a high rate while maintaining reliable delivery via our On-Net platform.
    Real-Time Reporting can be viewed inside the Web Portal, displaying the rate of delivery, successes and failures and more!

  • SMS APIs are available for integration into existing software platforms. Your software can deliver SMS data to us via HTTP POST, SOAP and JSON/XML Rest APIs. If required, we can also deliver SMS replies back to your Web Server (Webhooks) so your application can display responses to users (HTTP POST, JSON/XML).


Customer Convenience

The recipients of your SMS messages will receive your notification in their own time and can reply to it at a time that suits them. Receiving and replying to SMS takes little effort and can be done in a timely manner.


SMS Merge / Personalised SMS

Send a personalised SMS broadcast. When creating your message, you can insert fields such as [[First Name]] and [[Company]].


Use your own number

Set your own mobile number or business name as the message Caller ID (up to 11 characters). Alternatively, messages can send from our shared numbers allowing for text replies.


Your own number

Send messages from pre-defined number or a business name.

Shared number

Use our shared number so you can do two-way-messaging over email, web or APIs.

Dedicated number

Get your own Virtual Australian Mobile Number and send & receive SMS messages through our system.


Additional Features / Add-Ons

  • By default, the recipient of a SMS messages can reply to the message (Two-Way SMS). Their response will be delivered as an email into your inbox, our web dashboard, or to your system via API.
  • Send SMS broadcasts via our online web dashboard (Web-to-SMS), or via Email (Email-to-SMS) or TNZ SMS API.
  • Bulk SMS - Send using a list of mobile numbers (upload your own database/spreadsheet of contacts) and submit a bunch of messages in one go.
  • Use our online dashboard Address Book to manage contacts, track delivery results and view replies.
  • SMS Merge message personalisation (insert customized names and other values into messages).
  • Super speedy delivery (great for urgent alerts or SMS notifications) or set a later date/time for sending.
  • Recurring message support (set messages to regularly repeat).
  • Multiple messages can be sent to the same recipient. The system will analyse their reply and advise you which message they're replying to.
  • Fast delivery to the mobile phone with full Delivery Reports advising whether the SMS message was sent successfully.
  • Efficient and reliable delivery to Australia, the United Kingdom and other worldwide mobile networks.


The simplest option is using our Online Web Dashboard. Easily load up messages to send, import a list of contacts, specify the date and time and click Send!

Other options include via Email to SMS (attach a CSV list of contacts to an email and send) and SMS APIs (for developers).

The mobile phone will see a valid response number that they can reply to by default. Replies are captured in the Web Dashboard, as well as optionally emailed to you.

Reply support is essential to comply with Australian SPAM laws, providing an opt-out function. An opt-out function is essential and keep these records all the time.

By default, new accounts are limited to a maximum of three-message-parts (459 GSM characters).

You can increase or decrease this via your web dashboard login. See the Sending Longer SMS Messages guide for more information.

A delivery report will be available for you to check the status of a message. A result of 'delivered' means the mobile has received the message. You can access delivery reports via the web dashboard.

Yes we do. Sending and receiving from your Australian Virtual Mobile Number is supported with additional costs.

Your own Dedicated Mobile Number allows staff, clients and customers to send SMS messages to a virtual mobile number and have these delivered to you via the internet.

A completely mobile solution - remove the requirement for a physical sms devices. Workers can send and receive text messages remotely, anywhere, anytime.

SMS via Email

TNZ's SMS solutions are designed to suit an email environment. Users can send and receive text messages as simple emails.

Texting from the Web Dashboard

Individual users or departments can be provided a self-service dashboard login for sending text messages, viewing received texts and managing their own configuration.

Access can be tiered; users can view only their own data, or their department's data.

System Integration

SMS sending and receiving can be integrated into existing software and systems using our REST API, SOAP API, FTP (SFTP/FTPS), print queue faxing and complex mainframe and postscript integration. Contact us for further information.



$0.06/SMS Part1

  • $20 per month
  • Customized Sender2
  • Reply (Two-Way) support
  • Personalisation & Emojis
  • MMS support3
  • Volume Discounts
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