Send SMS, Voicemail or Email Reminders from Outlook Calendar

Customer Reminders directly from Outlook Calendar

Fast SMS from AWS

Automate Reminders

Add entries into your existing Outlook Calendar
Add our commands to the 'Notes' section of the event
Sync your Outlook Calendar with the TNZ Dashboard
Reminders will automatically send to your customers!
Easy to use calendar tools

Extra Tools

Pre-built templates for SMS, Voicemail and Email reminders
Set your own reminder times (an hour before, a day before, etc)
Add an event to your customer's mobile calendar with 'one click'
Easy to use calendar tools
Add-On tools and extra functions

Manage Events & Reminders Anywhere

Events and Reminders can be viewed and edited from anywhere using Outlook Calendar for Web, Outlook Calendar on your mobile, your favourite Calendar App or TNZ's Web Dashboard

Setup Instructions
  1. Log into the TNZ Dashboard and select Calendar
  2. Click Add Calendar and allow access to your Outlook Calendar
  3. Edit any events and set up Email or SMS reminders
  4. Add reminders within Outlook Calendar

Sample Reminder Command
Notify=1 day
Message=Hi John, this is a reminder
of your appointment at 3pm on 17th March.
Reply NO to cancel. Sydney Consulting

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  • $20 per Month
  • 10c/SMS to AU Mobiles
  • 10c/SMS to NZ Mobiles
  • 20c/SMS to International Mobiles
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  • Service Customisation
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